Gateway to the New Decade: Fire Safety

Today we live in an unpredictable environment and are vulnerably exposed to multiple natural and man-made disasters.

Disaster occur on a continual basis and cause large-scale damages and losses to countries and communities, destroying public infrastructures, disrupting basic services, impacting livelihoods and causing loss of lives.

Decade ahead, these challenges will be more prevailing and complicated, due to the rising risk index contributed by climate change, geological patterns of the Mother Earth, urbanization and industrialization processes, biological and chemical hazards exposures and pandemic, which will result into complex emergency scenarios.

Major vibrant cities are also experiencing drastic physical transformation in mass public transportations, mixed commercial development, complex underground utilities that changed metropolitan landscapes which will poise new commercial and industrial risks.

In moving forward, the vital roles of authority having jurisdiction and community-based initiatives are the basic prime-mover to amplify the ability to operationalize the concept of ‘resilience community’ whom can anticipate risk reduction and eliminate or mitigate the emergency threats at any preliminary stage. Through smart concerted efforts, the probable escalation of major incidents, and the number of injuries and fatalities could be reduced. This will minimize property loss, or prevent major destruction of environmental eco-systems and habitats. 

Deriving from these threats, the emergency services are expected to be readied for any kind of eventualities that will involve mass casualties, evacuation and treatment. 

The emergency services and agencies should plan their way forward, in ensuring that strategic action to enhance the capability and capacity of their entity and forces towards this challenges including to equip their forces with modern and sophisticated tools, equipment and management system in order to deliver better responsive and effective services delivery.

The emergence of new digital technologies and revolutionized science of Artificial Intelligence will virtually create opportunities to enhance the connectivity and smart prospect in public safety system that will benefit the relevant entity in preventing, controlling and managing any threatening situations of major catastrophe. 

To address these challenges and projected scenarios, comprehensive planning of risk management and community preparedness which involves concerted inter-agency coordination is necessary to optimize the expected outcomes. 

Hence, realizing this needs, Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (FRDM) in collaboration with Institution of Fire Engineers Malaysia (IFEM) and Malaysia Fire Protection Association (MFPA) once again is proud to showcase International Fire Conference and Exhibition Malaysia 2021 (IFCEM 2021), a regional conference and trade fair for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and disaster management. 

This three-day educational and informative auspicious gathering in a lively city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will magnetise all experts, scholars, corporations and emergency entities to deliberate and exchange information, experiences and specialties in related sectors, besides seeking to develop new markets for their products and solutions. It is also a must-go-expo for pros wanting to learn about the latest innovations and share expertise with their international peers on fire safety. 

Do not miss this golden opportunity to experience and explore one of the most interesting events in Malaysia.

Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date: November 2021

Time: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm